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In the Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park area,  serving the foothills of Fresno and Tulare Counties.  Chamber Members are from the commuties of Pinehurst, Miramonte, Dunlap, Squaw Valley, Badger and Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park.

Central Sierra
Chamber of Commerce
  The Chamber's building is at 54120 Hwy 245 in the Pinehurst area.  This building has been owned by the Chamber for over 30 years, and has been the site of many annual community events, such as the annual Mother's Day and Father's Day Breakfasts, Labor Day Chili Cookoff and the Annual Christmas Boutique.
  • Please check the Yellow Pages to find listings for local businesses. 
  • The Chamber also rents out the building to community groups and for private events such as club meetings, worship services and weddings. The fee is $75 per day and includes use of all facilities, kitchen, playground, patio and deep-pit BBQ.  (Members receive a discount. More details and a printable rental contract is on this website under the "rental contract" page.
  • If you are interested in renting the Chamber building, please contact Sharif Harris 559-336-9362 or email sharif.harris@gmail.com

**Rental Contract**

 Christmas Boutique**Labor Day Weekend Chili Cook Off**Mother's Day and Father's Day Pancake Breakfast

Chamber Board Meeting

Wednesday November 5, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Items to be discussed:  Updates and changes to by-laws and the Christmas Boutique. This is an open meeting all members are welcome and encouraged to attend!!







**Chamber Calendar**

The central Sierra Chamber of Commerce had its beginning April 20, 1946 when a small group of citizens from Badger, Dunlap, Miramonte and Pinehurst met around a dining room table at the Miramonte Store.

Their stated aim and purpose was to create an organization that would serve to unite the communities of the Central Sierra in a common purpose. They recognized that minor differences and petty jealousies between communities served only to defeat the total well-being of the entire area.

In July of 1946, the by-laws were adopted, the name, Central Sierra Chamber of Commerce chosen  (read this entire narrative by Kaysia Barr on the Local History Page of this site).

**Local History**

The Central Sierra Chamber building.

Become a Member!

We welcome new members!  The Annual Fee is $10 for an individual and $25 for a business.  The business membership includes an entry on the "Yellow Pages" area of our website. 

  • If you are interested please call Kaysia Barr at 559-336-2355.

  • Membership dues should be mailed to:
Central Sierra Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 65
Miramonte CA  93641

  • If you would like us to put up a business listing please include what wording you would like included with your listing.

This website was initially started in January, 2008.  We are updating it regularly.   If you have comments or ideas for input for the website contact  the webmaster@centralsierrachamber.org